One-piece-swimsuits / leotards for men


This website is dedicated for all men, who won't obey the unwritten law,
that an one-piece-swimsuit is only to wear for ladies and not for men.
A »Lady's swimsuit« should only named »swimsuit«
Well, one exception I may accept: Swimsuits coloured rose or pink
or with cups sewed in it may be from now on and in future for Ladies only ;-)

Appeal and declaration:

Men, wear one-piece-swimsuits in public!
The more men participate, the more we can manage to get out of this dark place, where some people want to move us to and keep us there.
The one-piece-swimsuit is a very normal piece of clothing for me, which I wear only for swimming in public.
I strictly dissociate from those people doing any kind of sexual acts to be seen in one-piece-swimsuits in the internet or in public.
Such pictures do not exist on my pages!

Picture downloading and using:

All rights reserved.
All photos you may download for private use only.
I forbid every other usage like commercial use.
This is valid backdated since the first upload of data to my website (webserver of GEOCITIES) on Nov. 17, 2000.

Suggestions, e-mail:

If you have any suggestions or questions, you can email me.
desi _ agi AT yahoo DOT de
(Just remove all blanks and replace AT by @ and DOT by . )
By the way: unsolicited commercial e-mails or bulk e-mails containing malicious attachments or links will be erased unread. Further prosecutions reserved.
Regards Desi

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